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FAQ: Introduction to Li2000A Thermal Tape


Introduction to Li2000A Thermal Tape




What happened? I think I heard you scream pathetically.


I forgot to save the space for locking screws at the very last.


What can I do without locking the screws?

You can use thermal tape!


t-global Li2000A


I recommend you use Li2000A thermal tape from T-Global Technology.

You can just use Li2000A to stick on the components that you want to put together and then it will be fixed!


Put together Component


It’s so convenient! I don’t need screws anymore!

Other than great adhesion, Li2000A has lots of advantages.


It is low thermally resistant, high thermally conductive, high temperature resistant, and can save the time for installing and assembling due to no need of other fixing materials.


I love you, Li2000A!

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