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FAQ: Introduction to L37-3F Thermal Pad


Introduction to L37-3F Thermal Pad




T-Boy! Why did my application still thermal shutdown after I used TIM (thermal interface materials)?


Sometimes it’s even electrical conductive.


Let me see.

You picked the wrong material! Wrong material?


Here. You have to use L37-3F thermal pad to have high dielectric breakdown voltage and also great thermal conductivity.


Great reworkability, abrasion resistance, and high C/P value!

Really that great? Want to try it so bad…


Here’s the sample!


Wow! You are really efficient!

The problem is solved!


I’ll never use the products from B company ever again! Their sales didn’t explain the properties of materials to me. I spent so much money in vain…


Just choose T-Global! Our sales will help you so worry no more!

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